When You Need Sciatica Back pain Relief

The symptoms of sciatica pain are very specific, with pain radiating in the lower back and down one leg to the foot, so you will often be able to achieve some sciatica relief by using an ice pack, or a cold pack. As soon as you are aware of the sciatic pain, use the ice or cold pack on the lower back, for 10 to 15 minutes every hour or so. The treatment of cold application will help to reduce the swelling around the sciatic nerve, while it will reduce your pain too. When your body gets this relief, it will then be able to start healing itself.

Now not everyone can stand putting an ice pack on their lower back, but it really does help many cases of inflammation. So, keep trying to use the pack, as this is the fastest way for you to recover.

Anti-inflammatories can be used too, such as ibuprofen, as these will also help to reduce the inflammation. Make sure you follow the directions carefully, as anti-inflammatories can cause stomach problems if you are not careful.

for fast sciatica relief try ice or heat
Of course, you must see your own doctor or physician as soon as possible, especially if the pain level is not subsiding after a few days of the ice treatment. They will decide on any further treatment, once they know what is causing the pressure on the sciatic nerve. It could be due to pregnancy, or a herniated disc, and if the pressure is due to bone spurs it may be possible to remove them with surgery. However, many doctors are reluctant to perform back surgery because of the risks involved.

Although bed rest sounds good, it is important to keep moving, and medical and scientific studies have not actually shown any real benefit from total bed rest that used to be the sciatica treatment.

Instead, short walks are encouraged, starting with just 2-3 minutes if you can walk for that long without much pain. You should try to walk every two – three hours, and gradually increase the distance you go, provided you can walk this without pain in your legs.

pinched sciatic nerve

It is necessary of course to eat a healthy diet, and to maintain your weight in a range that is recommended by your doctor. Increased weight will only increase your pain, so do try to stay at a healthy weight, and lose weight if you are not there yet. Of course having an attack of sciatica will probably not lead to a reduction in your weight, since you will be moving only short distances to begin with, and therefore be much less active than you normally are.

Because of the amount of pain during a flare up of sciatica pain, you are probably going to have to take some time off work, just so that you can keep up with the icing and cold packs to reduce the swelling, but by following the recommended sciatica relief programs, you should be able to get back on your feet again soon.

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